Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is highly effective and often utilized in drug rehab Washington treatment.

Why Behavior Therapy Works

Although there are several forms of therapy utilized in drug rehab Washington, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is utilized most often as a means to treat a number of different mental health conditions including addiction. It is considered extremely successful for a variety of reasons, and is often the number one treatment of choice in rehab facilities today.

At its core, behavior therapy works to identify and correct potentially harmful or destructive patterns of behavior that contribute to some undesired lifestyle or habit, such as a drug addiction. It is based on the idea that all behaviors are learned and can therefore be unlearned or changed. Cognitive behavior therapy is more focused on the brain and works to change thought patterns that contribute to certain behaviors.

Consider the following ways in which CBT may contribute to the success of those who are striving to reach and maintain sobriety.

Retrain Your Brain

The focus of behavior therapy is to change or replace destructive or unwanted behaviors. Oftentimes, these behaviors are fueled by negative thought patterns which trigger the behavior response. Typical negative thought patterns that make up a drug addiction habit include thoughts of low self esteem, hopelessness, loneliness or being unwanted by others, feeling a lack of purpose as a human being, or inability to find purpose in anything at all.

CBT works to change these negative thought patterns by first helping the person to identify them and their destructive influence on the person’s behavior. Once the root negative thought is identified, a behavior therapist helps the person to understand where the thought is coming from, why it may be occurring, and what behaviors are connected to the negative thought. The negative thought is then intentionally replaced by a new positive way of thinking that directly challenges or disproves the negative thought.

Overall, this process retrains the brain to focus on the new positive thought that can lead to healthier habits rather than focusing on the old negative thought that contributed to the formation of the negative habit, such as a drug addiction. This makes CBT an ideal form a treatment to be utilized in drug rehab Washington. In fact, such skills developed through CBT often remain even after treatment, contributing to higher success rates and fewer cases of relapse.

Gain New Perspective

Another positive in CBT is the opportunity it allows those struggling with a drug addiction to gain a new perspective on life. Addiction often takes over a person’s life in virtually every area–family life, friendships, professional life, finances–not to mention the toll it takes on crushing a person’s hopes and dreams. CBT offers a new lens through which one may look at life, allowing the person to get back to feeling like they are worth something again. This new perspective can dramatically increase the person’s motivation to achieve and maintain sobriety, as well as contribute to more positive feelings toward life as a whole.

Drug Rehab Washington

Fighting a habit of drug addiction can be extremely difficult, but it is possible to stop the cycle. Through evidence-based practices such as behavior therapy, the powerful habits involved in a drug addiction can be changed in order to achieve and maintain sobriety. Drug rehab Washington treatment centers such as Muse House offer a variety of therapeutic services including behavior therapy to help those struggling with drug addiction to overcome their destructive habits.

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