Understanding the stages of addiction treatment will make it easier to determine the level of care you may require in drug rehab Washington.

Stages of Addiction Treatment

Generally speaking, addicts and alcoholics do not celebrate the idea of entering drug and alcohol rehab multiple times. They wish to receive the best possible care on their first trip, preferably with a focus on maintaining long-term recovery. For the best chance of recovery, they may wish to enter a drug rehab Washington facility that offers multiple stages of addiction treatment.

Whether undergoing multiple stages or simply trying to choose between the many types of treatment programs available, it helps to know what each phase of treatment entails. Those unfamiliar with the stages of addiction treatment should find the following breakdown helpful as they seek the best program for what they need.

Residential Medical Detox Program

Those who use alcohol and illicit drugs often suffer withdrawal symptoms when first abstaining from use. Not everyone enters a medical detox program to overcome these symptoms; however, the potential severity of drug and alcohol withdrawal is enough to warrant consideration.

Patients who enter a residential detox program in the early stages of addiction treatment will receive medical care for their physical withdrawal symptoms while receiving access to counseling and other services that will ultimately benefit their recovery. By the time they overcome their withdrawal, they will be accustomed to the therapeutic process. This comfort will benefit them as they transition into the later stages of treatment.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Of all the stages of addiction treatment, inpatient is the most intensive. During this stage, patients will receive numerous services. The components of addiction treatment at this stage include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  •       Psychological evaluation
  •       Individualized treatment plans
  •       Therapy and counseling
  •       Case management services
  •       Substance use monitoring
  •       Peer support groups
  •       Addiction education
  •       Medical services
  •       Financial services
  •       Housing and transportation
  •       Life skills education
  •       Family-based counseling

Some inpatient addiction treatment programs last only 30-45 days, while others last up to three months or more. Many facilities also offer partial hospitalization programs, in which the patient undergoes an intensive daily treatment regimen while living in sober housing. Since many consider inpatient treatment a core component in the full continuum of care, those seeking quality drug rehab Washington may wish to focus the bulk of their research here rather than on other stages of addiction treatment.

Outpatient Treatment/Aftercare

Many patients enter intensive outpatient treatment after completing their inpatient treatment program. Some, however, will skip the other stages of addiction treatment and only receive outpatient services. The difference between intensive and non-intensive outpatient care will vary from one treatment center to another. In general, the primary difference is the receipt of services. Intensive programs require more therapy sessions per week.

Outpatient treatment and aftercare are often considered synonymous terms, but many treatment centers also offer aftercare services to patients long after they graduate. The point of these stages of addiction treatment is to provide clients with ongoing support as they learn to manage recovery outside of rehab. Patients become close to one another during the early stages of addiction treatment, and aftercare services allow them to continue maintaining these relationships more easily.

Stages of Drug Rehab Washington at AHN

Aspire Health Network facilities provide patients with a full continuum of care. After reviewing the stages of addiction treatment and determining what level of care they require, patients can enter one of our many treatment centers at the stage that suits them best. For many, this means beginning from the very first level of care at Aspire Washington. From there, they can undergo withdrawal treatment before receiving individualized treatment at the inpatient level. Upon graduating, they will have access to ongoing support and services.

If you or someone you care about struggles with substance use disorder, contact Aspire for more information on our stages of addiction treatment. We will help you assess the level of care required and schedule an evaluation to enter drug rehab Washington at your earliest convenience.