3 Fun Forms of Alternative Therapy

Getting help for a drug addiction can feel like an uphill battle. Fortunately, when looking for quality drug rehab Washington provides plentiful options. Finding the right one for your recovery is incredibly important, however, and will take a fair amount of consideration. In light of recent overdose rates, the region is now dealing with a deadly epidemic. It is much easier to get sober if you find a treatment center that fits your needs sooner rather than later.

The Benefits of Drug Rehab Washington

Sometimes it is necessary to travel for drug and alcohol treatment in order to get the best results. Being around familiar places where drugs were taken or alcohol consumed can trigger memories, causing cravings to be much more intense. It’s good to go away to get help for this deadly disease. On the other hand, if already a resident in the state of Washington, you already know the benefit of staying here to get sober.

Washington has some of the most beautiful, natural landscapes in the country. The fresh air, delicious food (including of course the famous coffee) contribute to the benefits of staying close to home. And recovery here is second to none. Our drug rehab Washington facility is located in an abundantly scenic area, providing a sense of calm and relaxation to those afflicted.

So whether traveling away from the everyday triggers of home to get help for your disease, or checking in to a professional treatment center to learn how to appreciate this awesome state you live in, it’s very beneficial to get sober in Washington. We support many programs and treatment modalities that some other places may not provide. Our doctors and therapists are carriers of hope and practical solutions that can help get you on a meaningful path to recovery.

Having Fun in Treatment and Recovery

Many alcoholics and drug addicts feel their life will be over when they get sober. Relying on drugs and alcohol, especially for younger substance abusers, usually becomes a social dependence. In college, it’s very tempting to get caught up in drinking parties, social parties involving party drugs, and study drugs. It’s also a time to have fun, explore, and finally be free of parental supervision. The problem is that addicts get carried away, becoming utterly powerless over their addiction. Even so, it still will be hard to convince an addict that they don’t need drugs to have fun.

Knowing that there are fun forms of alternative therapy can help make the process much easier. Holistic therapy, for instance, takes an alternative approach. Using such varying approaches as meditation, mindfulness, and music therapy, holistic therapy teaches the addict how to have real fun while learning about themselves. Replacing addiction with inner happiness through this treatment modality is a very beneficial track to take.

Another potentially enjoyable recovery tool is Self-Management and Recovery Training. Known more commonly as SMART recovery, this non-12-step program teaches addicts that they can manage their addiction. They do not support the disease model of addiction, but rather use forms of cognitive behavioral therapy to teach the substance abuser how to cope with life. It may not sound fun on the surface, but those who prefer SMART to AA often enjoy getting to learn more about how their mind works, exploring their self-identity and how it relates to their sobriety.

Life skills recovery teaches the importance of cultivating healthy relationships. It emphasizes replacing negative behavior with positive behavior. People undergoing life skills recovery report learning how to be truly happy on the inside, living life to the fullest and learning how to build and maintain social relationships.

Successful Recovery with Alternative Therapy

At Aspire Washington, our clinicians believe there is more than one track to getting sober. Maintaining sobriety once the detox process is complete will take a lot of work and patience. There are many different forms of therapy taught in treatment that will be very helpful later on. While learning how to build a foundation and integrate crucial life skills into everyday living, our patients can borrow tools from many different programs. Finding what works for you is what’s important, and something our staff is very passionate about.

Contact us today for more information on our array of program options. When it comes to drug rehab Washington is an excellent place to recover, and we have the tools to help you make the most of it!