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Is There Such a Thing as an Addictive Personality?

In the conversation around drug addiction in Los Angeles, popular culture sometimes portrays people with drug addictions as having addictive personalities. What does this mean, and is there a such thing as an addictive personality?

What It Means to Have an Addictive Personality

According to society, people with addictive personalities have a specific set of traits that lead to addiction. Some even believe that people with drug addiction act and look a certain way. While there are factors that may determine the likelihood of drug addiction in individuals, this societal notion is not true. Drug addiction as seen in Los Angeles occurs in many ways.

Researchers discourage people from thinking there is one generic personality that makes people prone to addiction. As evidenced by studying the matter, the truth is that drug addiction is complex, and labeling people oversimplifies it.

Even though studies can identify several attributes that individuals with drug addiction may have, it is dangerous to perceive people with drug addiction Los Angeles as having a certain personality.

What Increases the Chances of Addiction?

Individuals with the following qualities have a higher risk of becoming addicted, and these traits may be present in a person with drug addiction in the state of Los Angeles:

  • They take risks and are adventurous
  • They are disconnected and cautious
  • They exhibit obsessive and compulsive behaviors
  • They are apathetic
  • They are unable to self-regulate
  • They have experience with other mental health disorders
  • They are genetically predisposed to addiction

Pointing out these qualities generally seen in those struggling with a drug addiction Los Angeles is different than simply labeling people, as the attributes mentioned are founded in research and are not necessarily always present. Identifying individuals as having addictive personalities, however, tends to unhelpful stereotypes. Stereotyping people, especially those with addiction, increases stigma and misinformation, further contributing to the lack of individuals receiving quality treatment for genuine addictive disorders.

What to Say Instead

If there isn’t a such thing as an addictive personality, then what should you say instead?

A better way to talk about addiction is to cite facts and research from a neutral perspective. When speaking with a loved one who is recovering from addiction, you can say, “Today, I read that it stigmatizes individuals with drug addiction to say they have addictive personalities. What do you think?” This is effective because it gives them a chance to respond with their opinion, knowing that you’re eager to hear their perspective.

If you are recovering from addiction yourself, it is important to take charge of recovery while recognizing the factors involved in your specific situation.

Drug Addiction In Los Angeles | How to Move Forward

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