Staying Sober After Losing a Loved One

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The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult challenges you will face in the course of your life. Unfortunately, this pain is magnified if you are suffering from drug addiction in the state of California as you may have underlying mental health issues that led to your addiction in the first place. If you are still suffering from drug addiction, this loss can often lead to increased drug use, but if you are sober, the loss can tragically lead to relapse.

Unfortunately, many people who become sober after suffering from drug addiction do experience a relapse sometime during their recovery. While the loss of a loved one can be one of the darkest chapters of your life, it is important to remember that all is not lost and it is possible to prevent relapse.

How Loss Affects Those with Drug Addiction California

The loss of a loved one is an extremely difficult burden for someone to bear, but the loss of a child may be the most painful of losses. Each person manifests grief in their own way, with those suffering from drug addiction in California being particularly vulnerable and susceptible. Here is a list of how people experience grief resulting from loss:

  1. Disruption of sleep and/or diet
  2. Drained energy and happiness
  3. Increased feelings of hopelessness
  4. Interference with concentration, ability to focus, and memory
  5. Blocked intimacy and connections to others
  6. Lack of purpose, drive, ambition, and passion

How to Remain Sober While Coping with Loss

While it may seem like all is lost after the loss of a loved one, it is possible to maintain sobriety and overcome the loss. With the support of professionals, family, and loved ones, there are several steps those suffering from drug addiction California can take to stay sober:

  1. Keep up with healthy habits and/or start new ones.
  2. Do not lose sight of what else is important in your life.
  3. Maintain communication with friends, loved ones, and professionals.
  4. Have your support system available to you at all times.
  5. Be patient and support your partner, or co-parent, or other individuals who are is also suffering from the loss.

How to Help Someone Cope With Loss

One of the most difficult tasks facing both loved ones and people working in recovery is how to interact with those grieving from a loss. Unfortunately, well mannered intentions can sometimes be misinterpreted or misunderstood and cause greater pain to the individual. In the case of someone struggling with drug addiction in California, this can lead to a loss of sobriety. Here are some tips for interacting with someone after a loss:

  1. Allow them to express negative feelings such as guilt, depression, or victimization without judgment.
  2. Explain to them that there is no way to grieve ‘correctly’.
  3. Avoid repeating platitudes such as “he or she is in a better place”.
  4. Listen to them, as those grieving often feel a need to share their story.
  5. Help them understand that they do not have to remain strong for others.
  6. Help them share their story in a positive way.

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