redefine your life free from drug addiction Alaska

Redefine Your Life Without Drugs

Thousands of individuals living in Alaska are cursed by drug addiction, currently active in the vicious cycle that comes along with it. Chaos, pain, and the incessant desire to use becomes normal for those who are suffering from the grasp of drug addiction Alaska and it is often extremely difficult to escape. With the increasing number of fatal overdoses occuring nationwide, choosing treatment is a matter of life and death.

Accepting the help that it is readily available is the first step toward choosing life instead of the alternative. Unfortunately, recent survey data reveals that only 11.8% of the 19,000 illicit substance users undergo the Alaska addiction treatment that may in fact save their lives. If you have been blessed with the opportunity and experience needed to recover from addiction by undergoing treatment, then you have already taken a step toward redefining what life looks like without drugs.

What Does It Take To Redefine Life Without Drugs In Alaska?

Redefining your life takes careful contemplation and consideration for the new decisions that must be made. You must first choose to let go of how you were living, to accept the help that is available, and decide not to face your addiction alone. Changing your life is never an easy task to accomplish, and when you add drug addiction into the mix there are a variety of even more difficult aspects involved. A great way to begin that growth is to incorporate gratitude daily life in Alaska. You are in fact still alive and breathing while many others sadly are not.

In addition to letting go of your past life, you have let go of the actual substances that you were once physically and emotionally dependent upon that were slowly taking your life away piece by piece. All of the tools and awareness provided during treatment help set up the journey to redefine how you live your life. Treatment reveals how important it is to avoid triggers, such as people, places, or things that may bring about a future relapse. This is a critical component in whether long term sobriety is achievable for those recovering from drug addiction Alaska.

How To Recreate Your Life By Living In Recovery

A life of recovery has unlimited options for what is possible for your life. Taking away the drugs that brought you to your knees and finally being able to stand tall without them is a journey all in itself. Here are some ways to begin the recreation of who you are and what your life looks like after treatment:

  • Get involved with recovery support services, such a 12-Step program or recovery house which offers accountability and emotional help with your sobriety
  • Implement good habits into your daily life, such as exercise or volunteering at an animal shelter
  • Set small goals for yourself, and as time passes, set larger ones
  • Keep track of your sobriety to keep yourself motivated
  • Find things that you love to do and that provide you with a sense of purpose
  • Ensure that gratitude and positivity are present in your everyday life as soon as you wake up each day

Your recovery is your own responsibility. Once you have gone through treatment, it is up to you to decide what your life will look like. Living in active drug addiction Alaska is a lonely path, and recovering in treatment should be the complete opposite. It is important to build a support system around you made up of individuals who like you, are choosing life today.

Get Help With Your Drug Addiction Alaska

If you or a loved one are suffering from a drug addiction Alaska and cannot seem to stop on your own, reach out to us today by calling (844)-338-5046. At Aspire Alaska, we will provide you with the pen and paper you need to rewrite your life as one in recovery from addiction.