Out-of-state drug addiction Alaska treatment benefits include the feeling of starting over in a new environment.

Benefits of Out-of-State Treatment

For many patients, addiction treatment means starting life all over again. While not true for all, some addicts and alcoholics simply cannot get sober without overhauling their careers, social circles, and general daily routine. When seeking treatment for drug addiction Alaska treatment centers can provide a quiet sense of solitude that helps with the soul-searching needed to enact radical change.

The need for radical change causes many to realize that, despite their attachment to the place they call home, they will need to recover in a new environment. Not only do the benefits of out-of-state treatment include a new location to associate with recovery, but out-of-state treatment benefits also include removal from relapse triggers that may otherwise prove damaging to the addict’s chances of success.

Escaping from Old Relapse Triggers

An addict’s home environment can lead them to relapse in a number of ways. Those who use alcohol may feel the urge to revisit old bars. Drug users know where to find dealers, even if they take measures to delete old contacts from their phone. One of the strongest benefits of out-of-state treatment is removal from these sources of temptation. With relapse rates ranging from 40% to 60% according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the importance of maintaining distance from temptation cannot be overstated.

This is part of a relapse prevention technique known as binding. Addicts in recovery “bind” themselves by limiting their access to triggers. Out-of-state treatment benefits include distance not only from bars and drug dealers, but even from friends and family members who may cause emotional disturbance. Many addicts and alcoholics burned bridges that cannot be immediately repaired, and seeing such people may cause guilt, shame, anger and other negative emotions that can make an addict crave escape. They will have to own their past at some point, but in early sobriety it is best to avoid disturbance wherever possible.

That is why when seeking treatment for drug addiction Alaska treatment centers can help. The environment is new and refreshing, sometimes even for in-state patients who might simply benefit from some peace and quiet as they pursue their new lives.

Starting Over in a New Environment

When a person uses addictive substances, their entire brain chemistry begins to change. Not only does damage to the dopamine receptors create a physical dependence on the user’s substance of choice, but they will begin to make psychological associations. Think of the tobacco user who must smoke a cigarette every time they drink a cup of coffee, or the alcoholic who drinks certain types of liquor depending upon their mood (whiskey for depression, vodka for celebration, etc.). Likewise, the addict associates their very environment with their substance habits, and these associations become stronger over time due to an adaptive quality of the brain known as neuroplasticity.

Fortunately, neuroplasticity works for recovery as well. One of the benefits of out-of-state treatment is that the user enters a new environment, meaning that every experience provides them with a new opportunity to form healthier associations. As they participate in cognitive behavioral therapy and develop better habits, their entire lifestyle will become reinforced as a lifestyle of recovery. In a sense, you might say that out-of-state treatment benefits remain endless as long as the individual remains sober in their new environment. Only if they begin using again or encounter reminders of former triggers will they find these new associations challenged.

Drug Addiction Alaska Treatment at AHN

Aspire Health Network operates multiple treatment facilities catering to alcoholics and drug addicts from across the United States. Californians and Washingtonians who feel that California addiction treatment or Washington addiction treatment will keep them too close to their triggers can seek Alaska addiction treatment at Aspire Alaska instead. They will reap the out-of-state treatment benefits discussed above while receiving individualized care at one of the top facilities in the nation. Our highly individualized program will allow them to build the associations they need to stay sober and develop a new life they are proud to call their own.

If you need help for drug addiction Alaska facilities such as ours can provide solace, safety, and most importantly, solutions. For more information on the benefits of out-of-state treatment or on Aspire’s philosophy of recovery, contact us today with any questions you may have.