woman looking at bills worrying about how to pay for addiction treatment

How Do I Pay for Rehab?

Many worry about finances when seeking quality addiction treatment. Substance users and their families often struggle with financial difficulties, and fear they will be unable to pay for rehab. Fortunately, facilities such as those operated by Aspire Health Network offer numerous options for covering the cost of drug and alcohol treatment. Understanding the services covered, the types of treatment available, and the options available for payment will help allay the fears of those who doubt their ability to cover the cost of drug and alcohol treatment in full.

What is Included in the Cost of Addiction Treatment?

Services included in the cost of addiction treatment will vary depending upon the treatment center you choose; however, the cost of drug and alcohol treatment generally includes therapy, facilities, amenities, length of stay, and any additional issues for which the patient may require specialized treatment.

The cost of addiction treatment covering therapy will not generally change much, although some patients may wish to make use of unique therapy options provided by their treatment center. For instance, while just about all patients will receive cognitive behavioral therapy, other options such as biofeedback or massage therapy may adjust the cost of drug and alcohol treatment due to their uncommon and specialized nature. Length of treatment will impact cost, as it extends the period during which these services are provided.

Amenities covered by the cost of drug and alcohol treatment may include food, recreation, transportation services, and anything else provided to the patient on a regular basis. Again, length of stay will affect the cost of these services. Your treatment center may also choose to provide optional amenities such as gym access, which you may utilize or not depending on your preferences. Whenever amenities pertain to physical activity, however, they are highly recommended. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, regular physical activity can improve general mood and stimulate the brain’s reward center to fight cravings and prevent relapse.

Some issues may cause variations in the cost of addiction treatment. These include co-occurring mental disorders requiring medication, infectious diseases requiring regular medical treatments, and other physical or mental ailments that will necessitate ongoing maintenance throughout the length of the patient’s addiction treatment. Most of these issues should not affect the cost of drug and alcohol treatment too significantly if they are already covered under the patient’s insurance plan.

Types of Treatment

A major issue affecting the cost of addiction treatment is the type of treatment received. There are multiple approaches to addiction treatment that may comprise up to at least three levels of care. The three most common types of addiction treatment are:

  •  Detox – The first level of care is aimed primarily at managing withdrawal symptoms. Since patients may require various medications depending on their symptoms, the cost of medical detox commonly varies from one individual to the next.
  • Inpatient – Most of the cost of drug and alcohol treatment stems from the most intensive level of treatment, during which the client will receive the majority of their clinical and therapeutic services. Since patients reside at the treatment center during this time, inpatient treatment also accounts for the majority of facility and amenity costs.
  • Outpatient – Patients receive fewest services at the outpatient level, so the cost of addiction treatment will be low. Those who enter outpatient treatment while residing at a sober living home must also take rent payments into account.

While the cost of drug and alcohol treatment may be lower for some treatment levels than others, it is not recommended to factor this into your choice of services. Patients should seek the treatment they need, not the treatment they think they can afford. If you are worried about finances, Aspire Health Network can provide multiple options that will help you cover the cost of addiction treatment.

Paying the Cost of Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Aspire Health Network’s treatment centers accept most health insurance, and most plans that we accept cover the majority of our services. Naturally, however, those most worried about the cost of addiction treatment are those who must pay out of pocket. In these cases, we provide financing options that will limit upfront costs and allow you to worry about the bulk of your payments after services have been rendered. Most of our treatment centers also provide a limited number of scholarship beds, meaning that a number of eligible patients will not have to worry about the cost of drug and alcohol treatment at all.

No matter what, we will find a place for you. Whether at Aspire Treatment Center or another quality facility, Aspire Health Network will do everything in our power to make sure you receive the treatment you need. Do not worry about whether you have Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or no insurance at all. Simply call us today or browse through our website for more information. We are here to answer all of your questions about the cost of drug and alcohol treatment.