Cocaine Is Still Prevalent In South Dakota

Cocaine may be talked about less than it used to be but it is still prevalent in South Dakota and still dangerous. Cocaine is a drug that makes a person feel impulsive, their heart slams in their chest, their mouth stretches into a grin, eyes widen, and they feel exhilarated, hopeful, and really invested in whatever it is they are doing. Cocaine is, by its nature, an intoxicant sometimes called an “upper”. This is to say it causes the user to experience more energy, it makes them more awake or alert, more focused on whatever the task at hand is. It’s clear to see why someone might be drawn to a substance like this. In today’s world, expectation is high and energy is low. Work and responsibilities ask more of each person for less wages, less benefits, and less recognition. Cocaine can not only makes someone feel more focused, but it also has a tendency to make them feel a general sense of wellbeing and optimistic while they are using it. In spite of all of the alluring side effects of cocaine the drug has very dangerous side effects that make it a drug whose cons far outweigh the pros. Side effects from seizures to deadly heart attacks make this drug an absolute problem for the people of South Dakota.


Side Effects of Cocaine

Mood Changes: Though the initial effects of the drug can be a more elevated demeanor, moods change, and it often doesn’t take long before cocaine leads to more aggressive behaviors or outbursts. When a user has a bad trip their mood can turn from motivated, eager and euphoric, to angry, nervous, and paranoia can even set in. This often causes a coke user to believe that someone is out to get them. The paranoia can at times catalyze a fear based reaction in the person abusing the substance, which can at times become dangerous for those around them.

Makes A User Feel Sick: Cocaine can cause a user feel nauseated. It may cause them to vomit. It can also cause the body to feel pain and cause extreme discomfort in the stomach, as well as cause some very painful headaches. Sometimes it even causes users to experience seizures and pass out.

Loss of Appetite: Cocaine can cause an abrupt and severe loss of appetite for a user making them unwilling or unable to eat. When this occurs, it may end up causing extreme and rapid weight loss. This will likely eventually lead to muscle atrophy, malnutrition, loss of some cognitive functions, and can even lead to death when unchecked.

Cardiac Complications: Because cocaine is an upper, it causes the body to run at a higher pace than it is used to. Because of this, the drug causes a person’s body to suffer, especially the cardiac muscle. When an addict’s body is running on top speed for days on end and their heart rate is accelerated for such an extended period of time the heart’s physical attributes may even change, causing the heart to grow. All of this can lead to a deadly heart attack.

Stroke: For the same reasons that someone who abuses Cocaine may suffer from a devastating heart attack as a side effect of using the drug, they also may experience a stroke. A stroke is like a heart attack in the brain. Both are caused by a blockage of a blood vessel that is feeding the specific organ. It is the pressure that this sort of drug puts on the body that can cause so many systems to become dysfunctional.

Infectious Diseases: Whenever someone uses a drug like cocaine intravenously, it becomes more deadly just by way of administering the drug via needle. A person suffering from addiction is more likely to contract some form of infectious disease such as HIV or hepatitis when they are taking a drug in this way.

Trouble Regulating Body Temperature: When a person’s body is running full throttle at all times it can be difficult on their body temperature regulation. Often cocaine use causes a person to feel too warm most of the time they are high. This is due to the elevated heart rate and energy levels that the drug causes.


How Can a User Know if They’re Overdosing?

A cocaine user should look out for the following signs and symptoms to know if they are overdosing on cocaine.

  • Vomiting
  • Chest pain
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Feeling abnormally warm
  • Experiencing panic attacks
  • Seeing hallucinations

Cocaine Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation

Cocaine doesn’t have a very long half life in the human body so its users end up coming back to the drug over and over again to get back to the focus and drive that the drug gave them initially. The problem is that with the dangerous side effects of the drug, and the short life of a high, substance abusers can end up feeling very strong cravings some of which may feel like they are impossible to overcome. Comprehensive drug treatment is needed for a successful recovery.  


Aspire can offer an addict quality care and an affordable rehab program. South Dakota detox costs are changing and some people may find that their insurance is beginning to offer more coverage for addiction recovery treatment. Our drug and alcohol detox and rehab facilities, we employ a trained staff who are all there to help someone suffering from a chemical dependency to get out from underneath their addiction and to find a way to deal with the intensity of the drug’s cravings without bending to cocaine’s will. Call today to learn more.