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Countless patients enter Washington addiction treatment every day who exhibit fear and hesitation concerning their recovery. They question their chances of success, as well as their true level of dedication to pursuing a new way of life. On top of that, many wonder if they made the right choice when selecting a treatment center. Many facilities operate in Washington, and it can be difficult to make a confident selection without knowing first-hand the quality of their treatment.

According to 2015 survey data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, 90.6% of Washington’s 383,000 alcohol dependents and 89.5% of the state’s 159,000 chronic drug users remain untreated. There may be many reasons for this, but the hesitation described above is most certainly one of them. If you or someone you care about suffers from substance use disorder and is currently seeking quality Washington addiction treatment, allow us to ease your fears by providing some guidelines on choosing the best care for you or your loved one.

Necessities of Washington Addiction Treatment

Quality treatment transcends definition, as the program features that help one person might do little for another. The best Washington addiction treatment programs understand this, and provide individualized treatment plans for every patient based on the details discussed in their pre-screening interview and intake questionnaire.

Due to the customized nature of these treatment plans, the program features utilized by each client will be subject to change; however, most quality treatment centers will meet several of the following criteria outlined by the National Institute on Drug Abuse:

  • Individualized programming with regular reassessments
  • Group and individual forms of behavioral therapy
  • Co-occurring disorders treated through dual diagnosis care
  • Accounting for both the scientific and spiritual nature of addiction
  • Enough beds to provide care without putting patients on a wait list
  • Duration of treatment extended by providing multiple levels of care
  • Medication provided when needed, especially during detoxification
  • Continuous patient monitoring to ensure a drug-free facility
  • Infectious diseases and other medical needs treated by clinical staff

Washington addiction treatment programs that meet each of the above criteria will usually provide top-quality care. Some patients, however, may choose to seek treatment out of state. This decision requires careful consideration, and will follow a much more personal set of guidelines that only patients and their families can determine.

Deciding Whether to Stay in Washington

Out-of-state care can be a scary concept for some people. It means separation from your loved ones, greater travel expenses for visitations, and a general removal from the place you call home. At the same time, it also means the ability to start from a clean slate. Your family can still participate in your recovery from a distance, which may be much healthier if both you and your family members need time for resentments to heal.

Above all else, those who seek out-of-state treatment do not know where to find drugs in their new location. As long as they remain focused on their recovery and do not actively plan to relapse, it will take more effort for them to feed their triggers. This built-in relapse prevention plan is known by some as “self-binding,” as the patient intentionally restricts themselves from encountering people and locations associated with their addiction. Washington addiction treatment programs may offer quality care, but the patient may still return to their old way of life upon leaving. Out-of-state treatment makes this much more difficult.

National recovery statistics place relapse rates between 40% and 60%, much higher than many would prefer. Self-binding by seeking treatment in another state such as California is just one way that many Washington-based addicts beat the odds and achieve long-term sobriety.

Furthermore, despite the high quality of many Washington addiction treatment programs, some of the best among them experience high intake rates. This leaves struggling addicts and alcoholics waiting for beds to open up when they should be getting help as quickly as possible. Many will change their minds or suffer an overdose before they are able to gain admission. Leaving home might seem frightening, but it is also one of the best ways to mitigate this risk.

High-Quality Out-of-State Treatment Programs

If you are seeking the best medical treatment available and have decided to go out of state, Aspire Health Network can help. Our treatment centers offer quality care that meets all of the same expectations you would have for any Washington addiction treatment program. Seek a full continuum of care that begins with the mitigation of withdrawal symptoms at First Choice Detox, and our caring staff will help you begin your recovery on the proper footing. Many who undergo treatment at our facilities find our staff more than able to teach them the skills they need to stay sober long after they leave treatment.

Located on the sunny coast of California, our treatment facilities provide a wide array of evidence-based therapies, including holistic care options that treat the entire individual from the ground up. We recognize both the scientific and spiritual aspects of the disease, treating every patient on a physical, mental and emotional level. No symptoms of your addiction will go untreated if you choose Aspire for your care.

Addicts and alcoholics who are undecided whether to seek Washington addiction treatment or out-of-state care can contact Aspire today with any questions they may have about their options. We will provide you with all of the information you need to make a confident, well-informed decision. Choosing a treatment program can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to stab in the dark. Let us help you today.