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Choosing an Oregon Treatment Program

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After years of addiction rates that exceed the national average, Oregon is beginning to see the need for effective treatment programs. Oregon addiction treatment programs currently treat only about 8% of the 233,000 alcoholics and 10.9% of the 99,000 drug addicts in the state according, to the most recent behavioral health survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Many hope that improving these numbers may end the troubling statistics regarding Oregon’s health care, economic loss, and criminal justice system. More importantly, there are lives at stake that must be saved.

Some addicts and alcoholics hesitate to seek an Oregon addiction treatment program. Aside from personal fears and reservations, many addicts simply do not know what to look for in regard to quality treatment. A few simple guidelines may help put an end to their confusion, enabling them to hasten their search for quality care before their addictions worsen any further.

What Does Oregon Addiction Treatment Require?

Like any other human being, every addict is unique. Very rarely will two people benefit from the exact same approach to treatment. Nonetheless, the National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends a few basic principles that you should bear in mind when choosing an Oregon addiction treatment program. These include:

Note that some patients will not require certain program features as much as others. For instance, not all addicts and alcoholics engage in behaviors that would put them at risk of contracting infectious diseases, although it is still best to attend a treatment center with a thorough medical staff. The clinical staff can care for any physical needs the patient might have as they deal with post-acute withdrawal or even general illnesses (which sometimes affect mood more than usual in early sobriety).

Some patients may also prefer science-based education to spiritual solutions, or vice versa. Oregon addiction treatment centers that offer both options will inevitably find themselves able to help more people. As a general rule, treatment centers with more features and personalized programming options will raise their chances of providing an individualized solution that works for your specific recovery needs.

Deciding Between In-State and Out-of-State Care

Fortunately, numerous Oregon addiction treatment programs follow the guidelines put forth by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Even so, some Oregon-based addicts and alcoholics may choose to seek help elsewhere. There are many reasons for doing this.

First and foremost, seeking Oregon addiction treatment gives patients a greater chance at maintaining connections with people, places and things related to their substance use. If somebody wishes to leave treatment against medical advice, their dealer or one of their friends in active addiction is able to drive on down and scoop them up. Even those who enter treatment with a firm resolution to focus on their recovery may experience triggers and find themselves reaching out to the wrong people. National recovery statistics indicate a 40-60% chance of relapse, and those who do not sever their ties to old using buddies are more likely to fall within this percentage.

Some may feel that entering in-state treatment will actually be more helpful. They will be surrounded by friends and family, not to mention the general atmosphere and climate they associate with home. For some people, this will be true, as in-state Oregon addiction treatment makes it easier to connect with loved ones while saving costs on travel and other related expenses. Nonetheless, those who seek out-of-state treatment in locations such as California or Washington often find themselves developing a stronger relapse prevention plan. They experience fewer temptations, and their new environment is steeped in memories pertaining to recovery rather than active substance abuse.

In other words, out-of-state treatment allows you to train your brain to associate your environment with a new way of life. There is nothing wrong with Oregon addiction treatment, and in-state facilities have most assuredly helped countless people to recover. Leaving the state simply raises the chances of success. Given the life-or-death nature of the disease, those with even the smallest inkling of doubt concerning their ability to recover in their home environment should give this matter serious consideration.

Out-of-State Options for Oregon-Based Addicts

Aspire Health Network operates many of the best facilities in the United States, many of which are located in California. If you are looking for an out-of-state alternative to Oregon addiction treatment, a facility such as Muse House or Aspire Recovery would be a good place to start.

Our facilities tick off every box on the list of effective treatment principles described above, and we enable appropriate contact between patients and their loved ones so that they do not feel completely alienated from their home. At the same time, our beautiful location and access to fun recovery-oriented activities will help ease our clients into a new and more productive way of living.

Those who are seeking out-of-state care, or who are on the fence about whether or not to seek Oregon addiction treatment, would greatly benefit from reaching out and giving us a call. A member of our dedicated staff will lay out the pros and cons of seeking treatment both in-state and out-of-state, and will provide further information and resources as needed. You do not need to decide this very moment, but it is far better to begin weighing your options now.

Addiction takes more lives every day. Don’t become one of them. Start making a plan to live, and we’ll provide the support you need to follow through.