Choosing a Connecticut Treatment Program

Connecticut, like so many states in the USA is in need of more affordable and available good quality treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. There are some standards to look for in a treatment facility: individualized care, tiered system of treatment, among others.


License and Accreditation of the Center


With rehabilitation being a very in-demand service, there are many opportunities for facilities to charge for care that is not reviewed or approved by specialists and peers in the field. The primary organizations charged with certifying the effectiveness of the rehab center are the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). The standards set by these groups that must be met ensure a level of quality is met by the facility, it’s approach and staff qualifications. Checking the qualifications of the staff is also important. Some rehabilitation centers may staff certain people who aren’t trained treatment specialists for various jobs around the facility which may be important to consider.


Insurance Options


Rehab can be costly but with insurance, the cost can become manageable even on a meager budget. Not all insurance policies are accepted by all centers or specific services offered by a facility. Researching this aspect of the center may be one of the first concerns to come up when choosing the right treatment program. One resource that may help choosing the proper facility is SAMHSA’s Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator which can search for a clinic based on various insurance policy criteria. It is important to be quite diligent in researching a facility  your insurance may not be transferable if you find you wish to change treatment centers to a more fitting one if the current one isn’t helping in the way needed.


Holistic Treatments


More and more as addiction becomes understood, it is recognized that underlying mental health issues contribute to a large portion of addiction scenarios. A facility that offers services that simultaneously treat both mental health and substance use disorder may be important in narrowing a list of possible rehabilitation options. Having qualified therapists on staff should be a priority for such requirements as well. Integrating multiple angles of treatment lead to higher success rates of recovery. Every addiction is unique and better clinics will tailor treatment so that the nature and intensity of treatment match the nature and intensity of the addiction.  If the staff is properly experienced and trained in the kinds of treatment they offer, the effectiveness of those kinds of therapies will be more effective.


The Treatment Environment


The nature of the facility may be of importance when making a choice of where to get treatment. Some centers may be presented with more hotel-like atmosphere with exercise gyms, pools and even picturesque scenery and location to help make patience feel relaxed. Other centers may take on the feeling of a home and family atmosphere. The amount of participation of daily chores required by different centers varies as well as the kinds of chores the patient may need to help with. Picking a center that promotes feeling at east should be the focus for those that are making the decision on where to go for treatment. With the right environment, concentration and focus on getting better can be much easier to achieve leading to a more successful outcome of treatment.


Activities, Therapy and Treatments


The core of a facility lies with the therapy, activities and kinds of treatments that are offered for patients. A typical program will feature detox, individual, group and family therapy which are among the most traditional types. There are other secondary therapies that can either offer alternative kinds of therapy such as art and exercise therapy which blend activities and treatment together or they can be more of a physical therapy for ancillary treatment options. If a person has special interests or hobbies, activities might be a point of consideration for the choice. Whether the idea of going on a hike is an enjoyable one or going out to restaurants and tasting local food seem appealing should be compared with the kinds of activities offered by the facility.  Most facilities will also treat participation requirements differently. Some may require immediate participation in all group activities no matter what while others may have more relaxed rules about group activities and amount of participation.


Involvement of Friends and Family


For many addicts, relationships can become estranged and require family therapy as part of the recovery process. Whether the facility offers this or not can be a helpful consideration to make. Whether the center allows only visitors or full participation in activities and other aspects of treatment can also influence desirability for a rehab clinic. Most will promote the fostering of healthy relationships with loved ones as an essential part of treatment, the differences will tend to come in the specific approach and how much involvement is allowed or required. Involvement of important people in the life of the person seeking treatment can help restore confidence and create a support network for post-treatment care.


Exit Strategy


Choosing a facility that offers post-treatment options can be an important consideration. While treatment can be successful due to controlled environmental and stress factors, the time after rehab is just as important. A recovering patient may require a very supportive network of groups and sponsors. Others may want to continue moderate treatment with outpatient visits periodically or sporadic ‘checkup sessions’ with a counselor or therapist. Many facilities will have an ‘alumni’ contact list for emergencies and special situations which happen outside of ‘normal business hours’ and can go a long way toward helping prevent relapse. It may be necessary to find a facility that concentrates on long term treatment as opposed to a shorter term treatment period. Some places will assist in finding jobs if necessary, as well since addicts may have let their professional life become damaged as well. Consider the needs and severity of the addiction and compare them with the post treatment options a facility offers.


The Final Choice


Ultimately, the most important factors should revolve around what will encourage successful treatment. It’s quite possible to end up in ineffective treatment for a person if that style or approach is not right for the patient. Consider all points carefully keep a positive attitude as much as possible.

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