Causes of Addiction in South Dakota

When it comes to addiction as a whole in South Dakota, there isn’t all that much that you are going to see from this middle-American state that is going to surprise many people. For example, South Dakota doesn’t ever rank high on drug use and abuse statistics maps when compared to the rest of the country. Similarly, SD doesn’t necessarily come off as being averse to addiction and substance abuse from those who live here.

However, when it comes to a loved one who is abusing or is addicted to drugs or alcohol -or you finding yourself in that situation-, the general statistics for drug abuse in South Dakota aren’t going to mean much to you.

What you probably do find to be much more interesting is just how you or your loved one’s addiction started in the first place.

The answer to that might be much more complicated than you think.


What Causes Addiction?

The truth of the matter is that the causes of addiction are as varied as the people who have found themselves with a substance use disorder. However, there are still some scenarios that seem to be a little more commonplace than others.


Opioid Epidemic

If you have paid any attention to the news lately (or you have spent any time at all on social media in the last few years), you have probably heard of the what the media has deemed the “opioid epidemic” or the “opioid crisis”. When it comes to health issues like these, the media often over exaggerates and makes it seem like the world is going to end (remember SARS? Ebola? Pig Flu?). And while those health problems absolutely did lead to some of the worst times of some people’s lives, those portrayed-as epidemics didn’t turn out to mean much for the vast majority of the country. You would be hard pressed to have a friend of a friend who contracted ebola – for example.

The opioid epidemic is an entirely different story.

In South Dakota, and the rest of that country for that matter, doctors were told that opioids were practically a miracle pain reliever – it would eliminate the patient’s pain and wasn’t addictive. Obviously that didn’t turn out to be true. Before anyone could figure out how bad opioids really were, there were millions of people who were regularly using these narcotic pain relievers.

By the time everyone figured out what was happening, the opioid epidemic hit us all so hard that most people know at least one person who is having a problem with opioids.


Mental Health Disorders

Many people who find themselves addicted to drugs or becoming an alcoholic have an underlying mental health disorder that may contribute greatly to their addiction. In most cases, the mental health disorders that aggravate or lead to substance abuse come from the categories of depression and anxiety. However, almost any mental health issue can do the same. On the other hand, the addiction or substance abuse itself leads to a mental disorder.

When someone has a mental health disorder and an addiction, they have what’s known as a dual diagnosis. These are very common in the rehab community, and most rehab centers have a variety of therapies available to help treat these co-occurring disorders. Whether the mental health issue caused the addiction or it was the other way around, both issues must be treated alongside each other, otherwise the patient faces a very difficult task once they are out of the South Dakota rehab treatment center.


Living Life

Sometimes, people just end up addicted to a substance and all of the root causes won’t ever really be apparent. It could be genetic or due to a long series of choices, but not all addictions are rooted in some tragic backstory that would neatly wrap up someone’s entire life story.

Some people take drugs to feel better for a short time occasionally, then come to realize they can’t function properly when they aren’t taking that substance.

Other people take drugs to gain what they feel is some sort of advantage. Maybe they can go with less sleep for a few days or they think the drug makes them think better, for example. Then, as addictions go, not using that substance makes them not work properly or just not feel well.

Others still have wildly different stories. Some of them are brutal and hard to hear, others merely feel mundane like the addict merely stumbled into their addiction.


South Dakota Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Nevertheless, just as there is a path that people took to find themselves addicted to a substance in South Dakota, there are individual paths that should be taken to end those addictions. Rarely do -or can- those paths be walked alone, which is where rehab centers in South Dakota come in. With proper treatment and aftercare, you greatly increase your chances for ending you or your loved one’s addiction for good. For more information, contact us today.