Choosing a Connecticut Treatment Program

Connecticut, like so many states in the USA is in need of more affordable and available good quality treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. There are some standards to look for in a treatment facility: individualized care, tiered system of treatment, among others.   License and Accreditation of the Center   With rehabilitation being a… Read More

Alcoholism and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

How Prevalent Is Alcoholism? There are roughly 17 million Americans suffering from some degree of alcohol use disorder, whether they realize it or not. Many of them will deny that they’re alcoholics, or that they ‘aren’t like the other alcoholics’ depending on their perceived control over their drinking habits. Since alcohol is legal to purchase… Read More

Preparing for Treatment in Connecticut

Taking the steps to admit they have a problem and then seeking out rehab treatment in Connecticut is a difficult action for any addict to take. It requires honesty, courage, trust, and hope. Once someone has lined up treatment, how do they prepare for treatment?   Live-In Treatment Preparation   Living at a facility during… Read More

Choosing a South Dakota Treatment Program

The Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality National Survey on Drug Use and Health states that only the number of people who use illicit drugs and receive treatment for their addiction has been decreasing year over year. Perhaps this is because looking for a recovery treatment center in South Dakota can be a difficult process, there… Read More

Addiction Therapies in California

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Drug treatment…can occur in a variety of settings, take many different forms, and last for different lengths of time.” The same article suggests that as chemical dependency is a chronic disease, addicts would do well to look specifically for a long-term treatment program for sufficient recovery. A… Read More

drug addiction Los Angeles addictive personality

Is There Such a Thing as an Addictive Personality?

In the conversation around drug addiction in Los Angeles, popular culture sometimes portrays people with drug addictions as having addictive personalities. What does this mean, and is there a such thing as an addictive personality? What It Means to Have an Addictive Personality According to society, people with addictive personalities have a specific set of… Read More

California Relapse Prevention

To really get the full benefits of addiction treatment in California, and to come away with as many tools in their tool belt as possible to support a sober life, a patient needs to engage in all of the phases of drug and alcohol recovery. These phases of recovery include medically supervised detox, rehabilitation, outpatient… Read More

positive self-talk helps with Xanax addiction Alaska

Learning Positive Self-Talk in Treatment

The epidemic of Xanax addiction in Alaska is a high priority for professionals in the treatment industry today. One way therapists and certified counselors advice those addicted to Xanax is through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches addicts and alcoholics how to retrain their brain to change their negative thoughts through positive actions…. Read More