California Relapse Prevention

To really get the full benefits of addiction treatment in California, and to come away with as many tools in their tool belt as possible to support a sober life, a patient needs to engage in all of the phases of drug and alcohol recovery. These phases of recovery include medically supervised detox, rehabilitation, outpatient… Read More

learn how to manage your heroin addiction Alaska relapse triggers

How Can I Manage My Triggers?

The heroin crisis is devastating America, and not the least affected is Alaska. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to overcome heroin addiction Alaska. Through seeking treatment, individuals are able to be rehabilitated and they receive help to overcome their addiction. Unfortunately, many times rehabilitated addicts do not know how to manage their triggers, and… Read More

Combating loneliness in addiction recovery is an important part of relapse prevention.

Loneliness in Addiction Recovery: How to Cope

When addicts and alcoholics enter addiction treatment, they receive built-in support through their treatment center. For the duration of their stay in drug and alcohol rehab, they know that the staff and other clients will support their recovery. Upon leaving this environment, many find themselves struggling with a sudden onset of loneliness. The stark contrast… Read More

Oregon Relapse Prevention

How to Prevent Relapse in Oregon

Patients who enter Oregon addiction treatment will typically opt to undergo multiple phases of care. A full treatment continuum generally ends with outpatient and aftercare services. Choosing to continue receiving services at this level ensures that patients receive extended resources, primarily centered on relapse prevention therapy. Given the inherent dangers of using after any significant… Read More

man helping a friend to prevent Washington relapse

How to Prevent Relapse in Washington

Washington addiction treatment often comprises multiple levels of care, each one geared toward long-term recovery. During the most intensive phases of treatment, patients will participate in various therapeutic exercises. One of the most important is relapse prevention therapy. Washington relapse prevention consists of several various components, not the least of which is outpatient treatment and… Read More

man sitting on bench in the snow thinking about addiction treatment

I Relapsed Again: Am I Untreatable?

Not everyone stays sober on their first attempt. Some relapse once or twice along the way, yet still manage to achieve lifelong sobriety after getting back on the horse. Others relapse once and never enter recovery again. Then, there are those who appear prone to chronic relapse. Those who know somebody like this may see… Read More