Substance Abuse Statistics of North Dakota

It is almost always a little bit difficult to be enthusiastic about wading through statistics but it’s important to understand more about drug and alcohol intake in North Dakota from the studies and research being done on the substances and how they affect communities within the Peace Garden State. The research and the results of these… Read More

Opioids in Connecticut

Prescription medications, heroin, and more opioids have flooded the pharmacies and streets. They are more available than ever and more people are suffering from opioid addiction than any previous time in American history.     Addiction In Connecticut   Opioids are a class of drug typically prescribed medically for it’s pain numbing effects. It is… Read More

treat your dual diagnosis in Xanax addiction Alaska treatment

Dual Diagnosis Symptoms for Anxiety and Addiction

A complex relationship exists between anxiety disorders and drug addiction according to the US National Library Of Medicine. In the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders, both are classified under the umbrella of imbalanced brain chemistry. Anxiety disorders usually require some sort of benzodiazepine medication to help regulate these levels of adrenaline and dopamine… Read More

positive self-talk helps with Xanax addiction Alaska

Learning Positive Self-Talk in Treatment

The epidemic of Xanax addiction in Alaska is a high priority for professionals in the treatment industry today. One way therapists and certified counselors advice those addicted to Xanax is through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches addicts and alcoholics how to retrain their brain to change their negative thoughts through positive actions…. Read More

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Managing Chronic Stress Without Xanax

Xanax is a drug that is given to target a specific need. However, like many of these drugs, targeting an extremely specific need is difficult and nearly impossible. As a result, many side effects can spawn from this specificity, including Xanax addiction Alaska. This particular drug is taken to combat clinical anxiety, a disorder that… Read More