dysfunctional life habits in alcohol addiction Alaska

Dysfunctional Life Habits Contributing to Your Addiction

Addiction runs deep in the great northern state of Alaska. In fact, this problem runs deep pretty much everywhere human beings exist. The American Psychological Association classifies addiction as substance use disorder. In the case of substance use disorder, there are clear addictive personality traits and a range of dysfunctional behaviors that accompany a person’s… Read More

positive self-talk helps with Xanax addiction Alaska

Learning Positive Self-Talk in Treatment

The epidemic of Xanax addiction in Alaska is a high priority for professionals in the treatment industry today. One way therapists and certified counselors advice those addicted to Xanax is through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches addicts and alcoholics how to retrain their brain to change their negative thoughts through positive actions…. Read More

tough love won't work for drug addiction Alaska

Why Tough Love Won’t Work

Knowing someone who struggles with drug addiction can be difficult. When they are a friend, family member, or a loved one it is even more difficult. Addiction often separates the addict and those they love. The hurt caused by addiction can feel like betrayal. There is increasingly more drug addiction in Alaska, and if you… Read More

heroin addiction Alaska affects the whole society

How Heroin Affects Society

Society is dependent on the quality of the consciousness of its members. This is not a new philosophy–it goes back to ancient Greek philosophers who knew the value of collective consciousness. That being said, heroin addiction Alaska lowers the overall quality of this collective consciousness. With the growing opioid and heroin epidemic, more scientists, doctors,… Read More

personal struggling with alcohol addiction Alaska journaling to take a personal inventory

Taking a Daily Inventory

Alcohol addiction has seen a significant increase in the state of Alaska. Currently, Alaska falls in the top ten states for alcohol abuse, making recovery there much more prominent as well. Certainly alcohol addiction Alaska is a serious issue on the rise for many families and friends with loved ones who are struggling with their… Read More

homeless man holding syringe in front of graffiti wall clenches fists in agony addicted to heroin Alaska

Can Heroin Users Ever Use Casually?

Alaska Heroin Addiction Statistics While every state may struggle with heroin Alaska has a particularly bad problem on their hands. According to the State of Alaska Epidemiology, heroin overdose-related deaths have quadrupled from 2009 to 2016. Highlighting the severity of this nationwide crisis, the bulletin reveals Alaska’s overdose death rate was the highest in the… Read More