Substance Abuse Statistics of North Dakota

It is almost always a little bit difficult to be enthusiastic about wading through statistics but it’s important to understand more about drug and alcohol intake in North Dakota from the studies and research being done on the substances and how they affect communities within the Peace Garden State. The research and the results of these… Read More

Drug Addiction Treatment in Connecticut

There’s no one perfect approach to addiction treatment. Dozens of types of programs are available in Connecticut, especially when individualized treatment plans are an option. Drug addiction treatment can include detox, therapy programs, medically assisted treatment, and post-rehab support programs among other treatment options. Different rehab centers in CT offer different types of treatment and… Read More

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Changing the Way You Think

One of the more common programs that you will find at any of the best rehab centers in Washington is cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of therapy is conducted in a similar setting to other forms of therapy where an individual talks one-on-one with the therapist. However, there are some significant differences between regular talk… Read More

man looking sad at bar wondering if he can still drink after drug addiction treatment

Can I Still Drink After Drug Treatment?

Many who suffer from substance use disorder seek treatment multiple times due to relapse. What few may know, however, is that they do not always enter treatment with the same substance of choice. Someone who originally struggled with drug addiction in Alaska may later enter alcohol treatment in Washington. Other times, that same person may… Read More

mother worried about her addicted child

My Child is an Addict: How Can I Help?

Helping an addicted child can put parents on an emotional roller coaster of doubt and fear. Charged with the responsibility of caring for your son or daughter and keeping them safe, you may understandably feel heartbroken every time they come home drunk or high—and that’s on the nights they come home at all. Many parents… Read More

teenage son upset with his addicted parent

My Parent is an Addict: How Can I Help?

In a country where 1 in 15 adults over the age of 26 suffer from substance use disorder, it comes as little surprise that many children must watch their parents wither away as they continuously battle drugs and alcohol. With overdose rates rising and people dying every day, the sons and daughters of those who… Read More

wife upset over her addicted spouse

My Spouse is an Addict: How Can I Help?

When a loved one struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, it can disrupt the peace of the entire household. Everyone who loves them must watch them suffer. Helping an addicted spouse may therefore help the entire family. Whether you have children together or it is just the two of you, the sobriety of your wife… Read More