California Relapse Prevention

To really get the full benefits of addiction treatment in California, and to come away with as many tools in their tool belt as possible to support a sober life, a patient needs to engage in all of the phases of drug and alcohol recovery. These phases of recovery include medically supervised detox, rehabilitation, outpatient and aftercare services.

Outpatient and aftercare services usually revolve around relapse prevention care. Relapsing is the big fear in the back of a patient’s mind about drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Will they leave rehab ready to face the real world without relapsing? Will they be able to face the temptations and triggers? But a user doesn’t have to be scared of relapse if they take the proper care and continue their recovery through California continuing care programs. Those who do not engage in relapse prevention programs are more likely to relapse down the line.


Dangers of California Relapse

Some may not consider the fact that when someone’s been clean from a drug for any prolonged period of time, they no longer have the tolerance built up that they used to for that substance. This is a reason that relapsing can be so dangerous and often leads to overdose and by that overdose, all to often death. Patients forget that their bodies are no longer able to handle the same quantity of the drug that they were accustomed to before they sought out treatment.

Because California’s widely prefered addictive substance is prescription Opiates, this truth is even more dangerous. The widespread availability of the drug as well as the already high number of overdoses makes it all the more likely that a relapse could result in devastating consequences. Thousands of deaths in California each year are due to Opioid overdose. According to the CDC, 11 people a day in California die from prescription opioid related overdose. Relapsing brings a person that much closer to an overdose which may result in death. Therefore, since relapse is highly dangerous and can lead to great tragedy, relapse prevention therapy treatment should be considered just as necessary as detox and rehabilitation, instead of an optional post-rehab care.


Preventing Relapse in California

Aftercare, relapse prevention programs usually include a continuation of dialectic or cognitive behavioral therapy as well as support and an encouragement to stretch your health and activities to include those that will enhance your sense of self and purpose in life. Even more, they will help to provide you with a much needed community and social structure that can support you as you work to manage triggers and cravings in the world outside of detox and rehab. In the face of a world that can sometimes be cruel to those suffering from substance abuse and addiction, relapse prevention care can offer you a group of people who know very well where you’ve been and where you are going free from judgement and suspicion.

Keeping all of this in mind, it follows that a patient will want to look, not only for the best California detoxification program and the best California rehabilitation program, but a user should also consider the quality of care in the post-rehab relapse prevention aftercare programs. If you are struggling to find the right program for you, or maybe the program you are interested in is full in California, perhaps you should look at programs out of state.


Relapse Help for California Addicts

Aspire Health Network also offers many treatment centers in states like Washington or Oregon that may satisfy your needs and also give you some much needed space from the environment you were in when you became addicted to drugs or alcohol. Sometimes this sort of distance can make it easier to separate yourself from the drug or alcohol that has become your foundation. Leaving a state behind to seek treatment can make it easier to deal with cravings and triggers throughout your treatment. Through our certified staff of medical professionals and qualified therapists you’ll be supported in your detox, rehab as well as your relapse prevention treatment.

Every treatment therapy designed in the Aspire Health Network is created with each individual patient in mind. That means that even if you venture out of state for treatment, your well being and context will be deeply considered as your full treatment is being shaped. Most patients remain at the place of treatment throughout the stages of their recovery so they can take advantage of the strength of community supplied by the group therapies in rehab and the aftercare meetings with others.

California Addicts can be sure that with Aspire Health Network, they will be treated by experts in the field who are dedicated to helping to foster healthy and sober communities. No other treatment network is as dedicated to personal and individualized care. If you are seeking treatment in California, or want to try an out of state program contact us now.