California 12-Step Programs for Alcohol & Drugs

As you comb through the many different options for California detoxification and rehabilitation programs, you’ll likely notice that many programs include the use of 12-step programs in their treatment. 12-step programs are well known tools for addiction recovery. Their presence has made its way into pop culture and the everyday understanding of how one lives a sober life, even in the face of a world that makes it difficult to do so. They are well known for their community aspect, especially the sponsorship aspects. The most commonly talked about 12-step program is Alcoholics Anonymous.


Common California 12-step Programs

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Cocaine Anonymous
  • Nicotine Anonymous
  • Crystal Meth Anonymous
  • Marijuana Anonymous
  • Gamblers Anonymous


What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

There are 12-step programs for every kind of addiction you can think of, but Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is the one that broke ground for 12-step programs. In the mid 1930’s Carl Jung, well known psychoanalyst began referring alcoholics to Oxford Group, a group that practiced self reflection and accountability. When Bill W. Ebby, a Wall Street mogul, found success with the group, the program began to spread and Alcoholics Anonymous was conceived. Before Oxford Group and then AA, Ebby had found himself several times in the hospital for alcohol addiction treatment. Others found themselves not only in the hospital but committed to a mental institution, in jail, or worse, dead due to their addiction. These days  AA toutes a 50% success rate, and a 25% success rate for people who relapse and come back to the program.


Narcotics Anonymous

Not 20 years after the birth of Alcoholics Anonymous, members felt the need for a program that focused on those addicted to other sorts of substances, besides alcohol. Narcotics Anonymous was born. As recent as 2012 San Diego alone held 600 Narcotics Anonymous meetings ( Perhaps this is due to the great need for opiate treatment and other narcotics on the rise in the USA. Though California’s statistics for opiate problems look better than the nation’s overall, opiate prescriptions are still readily available and as recent as 2014 the number of fatal overdoses due to heroin addiction were still on the rise (


Why 12-step Programs Are A Good Idea

Narcotics Anonymous, like Alcoholics Anonymous, uses a 12-step program to encourage strong sober community that can act as a support structure as you live your new sober life. It emphasizes self reliance, reflection and accountability. These programs and other 12-step programs like them don’t let the addict off easy, but rather help to assure a better foundation for sober choices in the face of triggers and cravings moving forward.

The sponsorship aspect of 12-step programs are a huge boon to addicts. Sponsorship is something of a mentorship between a seasoned program member and the newer members coming in through or from rehabilitation. Your sponsor is there to answer questions, help you in moments of crisis, and generally be your guide through the hardest parts of starting the program. The kind of difference in success for a recovering addict that support like this can offer cannot be overstated. Sponsorship offers something nothing else can in recovery, it offers a bit of relief from feeling alone in the recovery process. It offers authority and comfort and a demystification of sober living for the addict. They can see the process works, because their sponsor is there living it.


California Drug Treatment and 12-step Programs

If an addict is interested in engaging with a 12-step program in their recovery, they should take a look at Aspire Health Network facilities in California. We offer individualized programs for addicts, taking into account the addict’s background, specific dual-diagnosis and living situations while we create treatment programs. Through these programs you will have access to 12-step programs to bolster your recovery and help you to build a healthy, sober, and supportive community.

Some people may want to seek treatment out-of-state, preferring distance from their home environment and the triggers and cravings that were apart of their lives when they initially developed their addiction. Luckily Aspire Health Network has a variety of addiction treatment facilities across the northwest including in states like Oregon, Alaska, and Washington.

Whether you are interested in utilizing a 12-step program like AA or NA during your substance addiction treatment, contact us for more information about our drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs. We have facilities and programs to suit your individual needs.