Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.

The best addiction treatment centers are generally those that offer holistic care, treating the individual as a whole person rather than focusing solely on the symptoms of their addiction. This means the clinicians must view addiction through multiple lenses, assessing how it hurt the user’s physical, mental, social and spiritual life. In order to conduct a particularly in-depth analysis and provide the best care possible, Aspire Health Network utilizes a technique known as the Amen Clinics Method. Involving systems of brain imaging, neuropsychological testing and various medical examinations, this method allows us to better tailor our approach for each and every client who seeks our help.

Brain Imaging with the Amen Clinics Method

The Amen Clinics Method involves four components.

  • First, brain imaging tells us how the client’s brain works. This provides better insight into your mental health, particularly in the case of those requiring dual diagnosis care.
  • We further analyze the client’s psychological health through WebNeuro (a test that assesses emotional and memory function among other things) and the Conner’s Continuous Performance Test-II (which looks at inhibitions, reflexes and concentration).
  • Laboratory diagnostics will help us look at your biology, assessing your physical health for issues such as hormonal imbalances or genetic conditions that might affect your psychology.
  • The social and spiritual aspects of the Amen Clinics Method will be handled by our intake team through an in-depth series of questions.

Together, these components will help us gain better insight into the care that each client will need to beat addiction, as well as any other mental health issues they may suffer.

If your brain works better, YOU work better.

What is Brain Imaging Used For?

Some aspects of the Amen Clinics Method are already familiar to those who have entered treatment before; however, aspects such as brain imaging may feel new and unusual. While the brain certainly plays an active role in addiction, not all clients and loved ones may understand the need for such an in-depth tool as SPECT imaging.

The reason for using SPECT as opposed to more common brain imaging tools such as MRI is essentially the info we gain. Most brain imaging scans will tell clinicians what the brain looks like and which parts of it function. Instead, SPECT imaging shows us not what works, but rather how. Just because a part of the brain is healthy does not mean that it functions in the same manner as another person’s brain. Certain areas of the brain may be underused or overused. They may respond slower or faster than other areas. The Amen Clinics Method uses a form of brain imaging that will show us how your brain reacts to various activities or sources of stimulation, and this will tell us more about how our clients may operate in day-to-day life.

How Does It Help Treat Addiction?

We pride ourselves on providing a unique approach to addiction treatment. By taking an in-depth look at how our clients’ brains function, we can more successfully look at the possible underlying causes of their addiction. This makes it easier for our clinicians to provide truly individualized care.

More importantly, we can devise a more strongly customized plan to keep our clients sober after they leave our care. Rather than simply telling our clients “don’t use drugs and go to meetings,” we can recommend specific forms of ongoing therapy, physical exercise, nutritional supplements or medications that will address the issues we identified through the course of our analysis. Traditional relapse prevention methods will still apply, but the overall approach we are able to recommend will be much stronger as a result of the time we took to thoroughly investigate the nature of their condition.

The Amen Clinics Method at Aspire Health Network

Relief from addiction requires a significant lifestyle change, and that is what the Amen Clinics Method and its brain imaging systems allow us to provide. Those who seek care at our facilities will find themselves in truly good hands. If you or your loved one needs an addiction treatment team who will take the time to thoroughly investigate the various factors that caused addiction to wreak havoc in your life, look no further than Aspire Health Network. Call us today at (844) 278-2919 to learn more.