find out why you need professional help in alcohol rehab Washington

Why Do I Need Professional Help to Recover?

Why can’t I just do it myself? That is the question many addicts find themselves asking regarding recovery. If one admits they have a problem, and stops, shouldn’t that be enough? The issue is, this simply cannot be true. Alcohol rehab Washington is extremely difficult to recover from alone, and it is absolutely necessary to pursue treatment to ensure a safe detoxification. If you or a loved one are trying to recover but are hesitant to pursue professional help, the following discussion may help you understand why being admitted to a treatment facility is necessary.

Sheer Will Power Cannot Treat Diseases

As more and more research surfaces, we are starting to understand that addiction is actually considered a disease of the mind and body. Substance abuse physically changes the brain, and some people may be more negatively impacted than others. The circuits in the brain are re-wired, so to speak, to gear reward, motivation, and memory around the substance. In this way, the individual will no longer be able to feel normal without it.

Someone struggling with diabetes does not try to beat their disease with will power. No, they would go to the hospital and get professional help. If we start to think about alcohol rehab Washington this way, then maybe more addicts would get the help they need by seeking treatment facilities which are equipped to treat their addiction disease.

Professional Focus on the Individual

Each individual is struggling in a different way. Each individual is unique, thus, each individual deserves a unique approach. Going through the recovery process on your own means you do not have a sole focus. However, when an individual attends alcohol rehab Washington, they receive proper focus on themselves. In this way, care is provided at all times. What this means is that whenever a recovering individual feels depressed, triggered, or begins experiencing withdrawal effects, they can receive care from professionals so that relapse is prevented. These people are trained to deal with these issues, as opposed to the untreated addict alone who will be left to struggle without hope of overcoming the addiction. Which brings us to our next point, community.

Communal Focus

Studies show that going through the recovery process alone is not only unnecessary but harmful. Recovery is not a road that is walked by individuals. Recovery is when groups of people band together to journey into a brighter future. Developing relationships with the professionals that care for you, and the recovering addicts on the journey with you, are both inherent aspects of the recovery process.

Alcohol rehab Washington is fueled by community, and this does not stop once you leave the treatment center. At Aspire Health Network, we are committed to ongoing community involvement, which means you get to make lifelong relationships that can hold you accountable when you feel tempted to relapse after treatment.

Seeking Professional Help

After discussing the benefits of getting professional treatment, it is only right to provide you with ways to access these facilities. At Aspire Health Network, we offer some of the best Treatment Centers in the country.

It is a natural part of the recovery seeking process to have questions. If you do have any questions about what it looks like to get admitted to a treatment facility, where to find one, or if you have hesitancies, do not hesitate to contact us by calling (844) 338-5046 and get answers today. Our compassionate team of counselors are available at all times of the day to take your call.

It may seem like the hardest thing to do, or downright impossible to get help. However, staying untreated in addiction is a much more difficult path. You owe it to yourself to take your life back. There are plenty of caring individuals waiting to go on this next journey with you, so do not hesitate to reach out. Call us today.