myths about alcohol rehab Washington

Common Myths About Alcohol Rehab

Drug and alcohol abuse can take a devastating toll on our lives. They may separate us from loved ones, hurt our mental states, and even cause our health to plummet. Treatment can sometimes seem so unattainable, especially due to all the myths surrounding alcohol rehab Washington. Various myths surrounding alcohol rehab can easily misconstrued our ideas about treatment. Despite these myths and hurdles, seeking alcohol rehab Washington is something that is necessary and needs to be done.

Not only is rehab misunderstood, but alcoholism is misunderstood as well.  Below are a few causes of alcoholism:

  • Studies show that 63 percent of teens see nothing wrong with binge drinking more than twice a week.
  • Studies also show that increasing chemical imbalance, past trauma, or co-occurring disorders contribute to alcoholism.
  • Family history can also allow alcoholism to continue throughout generations.

While alcoholism may be often misunderstood, alcohol rehab in Washington is just as easily misunderstood. Here are a few myths that lead those suffering from alcohol addiction to resist seeking treatment.

Myth: I Have to Hit Rock Bottom Before Going to Rehab

Many suffering from alcoholism believe they either do not have a problem, or do not need alcohol rehab Washington until they hit their lowest moment. This is simply untrue, anyone can pursue alcohol rehab Washington at any time. Treatment is for anyone experiencing a problem, and if you or a loved one are inhibited from enjoying life due to alcohol, you should seek treatment as soon as possible.

Myth: Going to Rehab Means I’m Weak

Many are hesitant to pursue treatment or go to rehab because going may appear that they cannot help themselves, or will feel pathetic for going. However, this is untrue, and if someone is pursuing treatment, recognizing the problem and trying to solve it is a sign of strength rather than weakness. Going to a rehab facility is a respectful thing to do, rather than a pathetic action. It is stronger and more responsible to seek help for oneself, even if that means you are recognizing a problem, and admitting you need help. If anything pursuing alcohol rehab in Washington is a sign of strength, responsibility, and a crucial step in taking one’s life back.

Myth: Alcohol Rehab Washington is Unaffordable

This is a common myth surrounding alcohol rehab in Washington. Victims think that getting help will make them penniless, or they will be in debt for the rest of their lives. However, this is untrue. While some centers may seem pricey, there are plenty of ways to afford getting help. Many people will offer to fund your treatment, insurance is a good option, and there is even the option to talk to specialists who will help set a financial plan with you. Money should not be the reason for you to stay in addiction.

Getting Help

Now that a few myths have been addressed, the important first step for you is to get help. If you are struggling with alcoholism, but don’t know where to turn, there are plenty of alcohol rehab Washington facilities for you. At Aspire Health Network, our compassionate team of counselors is available 24/7 to speak with you regarding your specific needs.

The biggest myth about rehab is that you have to go through it alone. There are plenty of professionals, loved ones, and people who care about you who are ready to help you go through this journey. Getting help is simply the first step. Contact us today by calling (844) 338-5046 and get the help you need.