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Recovery and the Five Stages of Grief

Recovery in Alaska is an incredible experience. Many people opt to go to alcohol rehab Alaska on account of the beautiful scenery, destination sobriety, and fantastic treatment centers. The natural beauty and surroundings provide an ideal location for dealing with past traumatic experiences as well away from the distractions and stresses of everyday life.

Many alcoholics will enter treatment with guilt, shame and remorse. Learning how to mourn your past very much mimics going through the five stages of grief. All alcoholics and addicts will go through this mourning period. What better place to go through this process than in alcohol rehab in Alaska?

What Are the Five Stages of Grief?

Letting yourself go through painful memories in sobriety is part of the recovery process. Dealing with losses from your old lifestyle and learning how to let go of your alcohol crutch will pay off in huge dividends. Grieving your old life and accepting that you can never safely use drugs or alcohol in any form whatsoever will take some getting used to. The stages you will most likely experience are:

  1. Denial and Isolation: denying your addiction or isolating yourself to hide from it
  2. Anger: becoming angry over the things you’ve done in the past
  3. Bargaining: trying to make a deal spiritually or trade bad feelings for good ones
  4. Depression: feeling hopeless about your future
  5. Acceptance: the final stage which finally brings relief and allows you to move on

No matter what stage you’re in, know that it is normal to go through this grieving process in alcohol rehab Alaska, and you are well on your way to healing. It is important not to rush through these stages, but to just let them unfold naturally. Letting go of your old way of living will certainly take time, but it will allow you to fully embrace your new and improved sober lifestyle free from the grips of addiction.

Finding the Right Alcohol Rehab Alaska Center

Your recovery is your responsibility, yet it is crucial to receive professional help to go through these five stages of grief in a healthy way that leads to a life of sobriety. There is a reason that so many people come to Alaska to get sober. You will want to be in a nurturing environment where you feel safe. Alaska can provide the most optimal environment for ascending through the five stages of grief. Learning how to talk through these things with your therapist or in a group setting will also allow the recovery from past painful memories to be much faster and easier.

Rehab Fosters Healing

Keep in mind that everyone recovers differently. Some treatment centers may not believe in dealing with the five stages of grief when it comes to recovery. Do your research, and find the treatment center that works for you. At Aspire Health Network, our treatment centers are fully equipped to bring you through this grieving process into a new life of sobriety.

It is highly suggested that you take care of your old wounds from the past. Don’t let these things eat away at you. Put your recovery first and let yourself go through the process of recovery. If you have any questions about dealing with grief in sobriety, please reach out to us today (844) 338-5046. Our compassionate team of counselors are standing by to take your call 24/7. Get help today.