alcohol addiction Alaska in veterans

Veterans and Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol addiction and abuse is a huge problem in Alaska. Many veterans living in Alaska turn to alcohol to self-medicate as a way to cope with past traumatic experiences. Veterans living in Alaska can also experience more isolation due to the rural landscape, which only furthers their depression and loneliness.

Until recently, Alaska was not properly set up to properly help veterans going through substance abuse and alcohol addiction Alaska. Most veterans had to turn to the VA or their local state-run rehab if they wanted to get sober. Licensed treatment centers have thankfully opened their doors all across the west coast of Alaska, making better treatment options more accessible to veterans going through alcohol addiction. Alaska

Veterans Turn to Alcohol to Cope

Veterans have one of the highest rates of substance abuse in society as a whole. They tend to experience trauma differently than most other civilians, and often turn to alcohol to help with depression and other symptoms as well. Many veterans will use alcohol to:

  • Deal with their emotional pain
  • Calm PTSD symptoms
  • Calm anxiety
  • Drown out their depression
  • Cope with war injuries
  • Deal with boredom

In addition to these reasons veterans may be more susceptible to developing a serious alcohol addiction Alaska, veterans are also often cross-addicted with prescription painkillers. These veterans can go to the VA and score large-quantity prescriptions for opioids like Percocet, Vicodin, Oxycontin and Codeine, further deepening their addictive issues and creating a recipe for disaster.

Veterans usually will not face the same scrutiny for obtaining these opioids that normal civilians do, especially if they are dealing with injuries. These individuals will find themselves addicted to both alcohol and opioids in a dangerously short amount of time. What many veterans do not understand is that this combination can actually increase feelings of depression and suicidal thoughts, creating a mental health issue that could potentially lead to death.

Not Getting Help is a Pride Issue

Many veterans are desensitized from being in the service. After their time spent serving their country at all costs and laying their lives down daily, they often carry too much pride to admit when they have a problem. In the service, they are taught to never give up, to win at all costs, and that feeling your emotions makes you weak to the enemy. For this reason, veterans tend to have a much lower success rate in sobriety, however it is absolutely possible to achieve given the right program and appropriate treatment facility.

Some veterans experience PTSD to such a severe extent they may not be able to function in society apart from using substances. Depression and anxiety set in, and the only way they can get through the day is to drink as much as possible to drown it out. These individuals are alcoholics without even knowing it, yet even if they do know it, they may not be prepared to admit they need to stop. It’s primarily a pride issue.

Getting Help With Alcohol Addiction Alaska

If you are a veteran who has decided to lay down your pride to seek a happier and healthier lifestyle of sobriety, you are not alone. Veterans can always to turn to the VA for assistance with substance abuse, however they may not get the full gamut of care through such services.

If you are struggling with an alcohol addiction Alaska and have served our country, let us walk with you as you begin your journey to freedom. Our world-class rehab facilities offer various treatment options to suit your specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact us today by calling (844) 338-5046. Our compassionate team of counselors are available 24/7 to take your call and help you begin your new sober lifestyle today.