personal struggling with alcohol addiction Alaska journaling to take a personal inventory

Taking a Daily Inventory

Alcohol addiction has seen a significant increase in the state of Alaska. Currently, Alaska falls in the top ten states for alcohol abuse, making recovery there much more prominent as well. Certainly alcohol addiction Alaska is a serious issue on the rise for many families and friends with loved ones who are struggling with their own addiction.

The common knowledge that alcohol abuse stunts your growth is an understatement. If someone is fourteen years old when they start binge drinking, it is said that they stop maturing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually from that point on. Alcohol becomes a necessary evil in their life, and it causes them to stop learning how to cope with daily struggles.

Alcoholics drink to feel happy. They drink when they are depressed. They drink over success. They drink over failure. Most chronic alcoholics spend little time without being under the influence, which means their overall development is stunted. When alcohol addiction takes over Alaska in particular, a comprehensive approach for healing is necessary.

Self-Awareness in Recovery

Many alcohol and drug rehabs in Alaska have embraced programs like 12 step recovery. The 12 step recovery program allows the sufferer to start taking an honest look at themselves while still in treatment. The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are just one of the treatment methods being utilized to achieve mental, physical and emotional healing from the destruction of alcohol abuse. With the help of a sponsor, or a trusted guide, working through the program of action through 12 step recovery is hugely successful when trying to make up for lost years.

Taking a Personal Inventory

Step 10 from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous suggests taking a personal inventory. This is an excellent cognitive practice, that when fused with spirituality and open-mindedness, allows the alcoholic to fully heal from the daily pangs of life. Self-examination requires the alcoholic to make an honest appraisal of things they have done well and things that could be improved on.

The spiritual principle behind this step is perseverance, meaning pressing on in the journey and never giving up despite difficulty. If you are looking to gain an immensely healing result from recovery, there is a lot of work ahead. You must hold onto perseverance and be willing to take an honest look at yourself in the process.

Alcohol Addiction Alaska Treatment

After enduring years of alcohol abuse, the mind and body are damaged pretty badly. After putting the drink down, detox is necessary to safely withdraw from deadly substances. But what happens next?

Recovery occurs when personal growth starts. This means that simple abstinence from drugs and alcohol has little to do with meaningful growth. Taking an inventory of yourself allows an honest look at how you could be a better person every single day. As a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, becoming aware of your personal shortcomings as well as your positive assets make for a recipe of healing, peace, and happiness. Growing up after years of alcohol-stunted mental and emotional development may not be easy, but it is definitely worth the struggle.

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