dysfunctional life habits in alcohol addiction Alaska

Dysfunctional Life Habits Contributing to Your Addiction

Addiction runs deep in the great northern state of Alaska. In fact, this problem runs deep pretty much everywhere human beings exist. The American Psychological Association classifies addiction as substance use disorder. In the case of substance use disorder, there are clear addictive personality traits and a range of dysfunctional behaviors that accompany a person’s compulsion to become intoxicated regularly. Research is beginning to shed some realistic facts as to why places like Alaska are consumed by this growing health epidemic. Alcohol addiction Alaska is one of the states invested in the solution to this national problem.

Dysfunctional Thinking Contributing To Behavior

There is a common phrase in 12 step recovery groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous–  alcoholics are guilty of stinking thinking. This “stinking thinking” is made up of the thoughts that are said to lead to an alcoholic taking another drink, apart from a physical addiction to substances. It may sound trite, but brain imaging studies show that addicts do in fact function slightly differently than ‘normal’ people. This research sheds light on why addicts and alcoholics engage in such dysfunctional behavior.

The biggest abnormal action that addicts engage in is the fact that they often will keep using and drinking themselves to the point of death. Most people would moderate or stop altogether if they had been warned by a doctor to the extent that, say, a heroin addict has probably been warned. But this is not so with alcoholism and addiction. Those struggling with alcohol addiction Alaska will typically continue to obsess over their next high, and will stop at nothing to achieve it. This becomes an outward display of dysfunctional behavior at its very worst.

Consequences for Alcohol Addiction In Alaska

Usually, dysfunctional personality traits will lead to huge life consequences. With addiction and alcoholism in Alaska, some of the biggest consequences are legal. DUI arrests have spiked in recent years in Anchorage. Families have been ripped apart from drug addiction. The opiate crisis has spiked in small towns in Alaska, leading to broken communities and families.

Such dysfunctional life habits attributed to poor thinking because of alcohol addiction Alaska must be first recognized, and second, treated. Because alcoholics are often less likely to see the potential of their dysfunctional behaviors compiling into deeper addiction issues, it is imperative that addicts are confronted in a health way through intervention. After this initial step, alcoholics must attend a detox treatment center to get the professional help they need to start turning their life around before it is too late.

Get Help Today

If the consequences from your addiction are piling up, the solution is to educate yourself and get help if you need it. Addiction has a ripple effect, meaning it affects much more than just the addict themself. Learning how you can help your loved ones, or taking the first step to finding the best treatment center for your condition, such as Oceanview treatment center, will greatly improve not only your own life, but the lives of others around you.

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