Those recovering from an alcohol addiction Alaska must have a plan in place to resist drinking in social settings.

Avoiding Alcohol at Social Functions

Despite the authentic desire to achieve and maintain sobriety, many people struggling with an alcohol addiction Alaska find it difficult to attend social functions where alcohol is likely to be served. Even someone with a very strong commitment to sobriety may succumb to the social pressure from friends, coworkers, or family members involved in such events.

Because the pressure to drink at social events can be expected, it is vital for those undergoing alcohol addiction treatment to consider how they will avoid alcohol in these and other social settings in order to avoid relapse. Consider the following when coming up with your own alcohol avoidance plan.

Plan for the Pressure

Overcoming an alcohol addiction Alaska requires intentional planning ahead in order to cope with the pressures involved in maintaining sobriety in social settings. The first step is to recognize the two types of pressure involved when alcohol is present at a social event.

The first type is direct social pressure in which someone directly offers you a drink or presents you with a direct opportunity to drink. This type of pressure can be the most difficult to deal with because it involves conflict with others, something most people struggle with in general. The second type is indirect pressure in which you feel tempted to drink by simply being around others who are drinking or when alcohol is present, even if no one offers you a drink.

Both types of pressure require intentional planning ahead in order to resist the urge to drink.

Resist and Redirect

When faced with either direct or indirect pressure to drink, it is vital to have some refusal strategies in place to avoid the temptation.

  • Just say “no”. Have a firm, scripted response to decline any invitation to drink ready to go. Make direct eye contact and speak confidently to show that you mean what you say. You may briefly explain your desire to stay sober, but know that you do not owe anyone a full explanation.
  • Walk away. If someone is not taking no for an answer, you have every right to exit the situation. Your sobriety is worth it. It is often helpful to have a plan to escape ready to go when attending social events involving alcohol.
  • Suggest something else. When someone invites you to drink with them, you can politely turn down the offer and suggest a different plan instead. Perhaps you could go see a movie, or go out for pizza instead.
  • Ask others to avoid pressuring you or drinking in front of you. You may not be able to control all social situations that involve alcohol in this way, but it can be extremely helpful to talk with your family, friends, and coworkers about your desire to refrain from drinking. Ask them to kindly respect your decisions by keeping from tempting you.

Alcohol Addiction Alaska Treatment

Social settings can be tricky for a recovering alcoholic, yet there are ways to be prepared for such situations. Consider getting involved in a support group or utilizing other methods of relapse prevention in order to maintain your sobriety. Such techniques help recovering addicts to identify and avoid triggers as well as offer a place to receive encouragement from others in your journey to recovery.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with an alcohol addiction Alaska, please contact us today at 844-338-5046 and get the support you need.