alcohol abuse Washington is harmful to pregnant women

The Dangers of Drinking During Pregnancy

Abusing alcohol is dangerous for anyone. Consuming alcohol at a higher rate than your body can metabolize it often leads to serious health complications. This is especially true for pregnant women who should not only be concerned for themselves, but who can cause serious harm to their unborn child by alcohol abuse Washington.

Women in general are at a greater health risk when drinking alcoholically than men. In fact, 5.3 million women in the United States currently drink in a way that threatens their health, safety, and general well-being. Concentrated areas like Seattle, Washington have corroborating statistics to this fact. Alcoholism is dangerous in for anyone, but pregnant women in particular are put at much higher risk.

The Dangers of Drinking While Pregnant

It may come as a shock that as much as a single glass of wine can affect the fetus. Since any alcohol consumed passes directly through the placenta to the fetus, when the mother drinks, the baby drinks. The baby in utero is in a constant state of development, so any amount of alcohol can and does cause harm.

Now imagine how harmful out of control alcohol abuse Washington can be on both the mother and baby. Oxygen will likely be cut off to both the mother and unborn child, along with a number of other consequences. There are currently 40,000 birth defects associated with alcoholism, including Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder which causes multiple different issues in development and survival.

The list can go on and on. Simply put, it is never safe to consume alcohol while pregnant, and especially not in an abusive way.

Is Pregnancy Enough to Make an Alcoholic Stop?

Time and time again, pregnant mothers wish to stop drinking but find that they cannot on their own. This is due to the powerful nature of alcoholism. Alcohol Use Disorder is characterized by an obsessive desire to drink combined with a physical craving for alcohol. Oftentimes, alcoholics who are in the throes of their alcohol abuse Washington addiction will lie to themselves and rationalize their drinking. They are actually considered insane when it comes to alcohol. They cannot think rationally or with purpose. Their addiction has complete control over their mind and body.

As heartbreaking as it is to watch, pregnancy is often not enough of a reason to get an alcoholic to quit drinking. In order for an alcoholic to really stop abusing, they must do it for themselves, or their sobriety will be precarious.

Alcohol Abuse Washington Treatment

Washington state has some of the best resources and treatment centers around. In fact, the entire west coast has seen an incredible surge in drug-related and alcohol-related deaths in the past decade, so the answer was to invest in licensed treatment centers that could really help get to the root of the problem.

If you or someone you know are pregnant and cannot stop obsessing about alcohol, know that you are not alone. Many women have come to us for help, only to find a very safe and nurturing environment to recover while getting treatment that is safe for both mother and baby. Please contact us today by calling (844) 338-5046 if you would like answers for how to quit drinking while pregnant. Our compassionate team of counselors are available 24/7 to take your call.