There is currently a strong need for Alaska addiction treatment, as rates of alcohol and drug addiction continue to rank higher than the national average—a trend that began at least as far back as 2010. Unfortunately, SAMHSA data indicates that only 10.6% of alcoholics and 11.8% of drug addicts in Alaska receive the treatment they need each year. This in part stems from a shortage of treatment centers, many of which must put clients on wait lists due to high intake demand. The result, according to recent economic reports, is that alcohol and drug addiction continue to cost Alaska nearly $3.1 billion per year.

With high addiction rates and low treatment availability, Alaska addiction treatment needs must often be fulfilled by out-of-state facilities. Aspire Health Network provides facilities that do not put clients on wait lists, offering readily available treatment to those in need. We treat the underlying causes of addiction, as well as the physical and behavioral symptoms. Aspire also endeavors to provide information and resources to those in need of Alaska addiction treatment.

Resources for Addiction in Alaska

Our resources on Alaska addiction treatment can be grouped into two basic categories—addiction and recovery. Resources on addiction include:

  • Economic Impact of Addiction in Alaska – Alaska addiction treatment facilities work hard to help patients on an individual basis, doing what they can every day to lessen the state’s growing problem with substance dependency.
  • Alaska Addiction Statistics – Despite the widespread nature of alcohol and drug addiction, rates of substance use disorder and overdose death vary from one state to another.
  • Causes of Alaska Addiction – Analysis of the most common underlying issues that Alaska addiction treatment must address, including co-occurring disorders and past trauma.
  • Most Commonly Used Substances in Alaska – General overview of the most common drugs in Alaska, their effects on the state and its residents, and how we tailor our treatment approach to suit addiction to each substance.
  • Alaska Addiction: Heroin in Alaska – The widespread effects of Alaska heroin addiction and how our facilities can help those who suffer before it is too late.
  • Alaska Addiction: Meth in Alaska – Breakdown of methamphetamine’s effects on Alaska’s crime rates, and how our detox and residential facilities can help patients overcome the long-lasting effects of meth addiction.
  • Alaska Addiction: Cocaine in Alaska – While cocaine use has slowed in recent years, it still impacts the state’s economic losses to the point that cocaine addiction must be fully understood and properly treated.

Aspire also provides several resources on Alaska addiction treatment and recovery methods. These include:

For further resources and information on Alaska addiction treatment, feel free to contact Aspire Health Network at your convenience. You can reach us at (844) 278-2919 or continue browsing our website for more general information on addiction and recovery.