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Preparing to Prevent Relapse in Alaska

Addiction treatment in Alaska must take several factors into account. Alaska addiction treatment centers receive numerous clients with co-occurring disorders, traumatic histories, and other underlying issues that necessitate highly personalized care. Failure to put clients on a full path to recovery from these issues can lead to a greater risk of relapse after leaving treatment. Proper Alaska addiction treatment therefore necessitates a strong focus on Alaska relapse prevention.

Dangers of Alaska Relapse

Relapse is dangerous under any circumstance. The user’s tolerance is lower, yet their inclination will often be to use as much as they did while they were in active addiction. With the body’s ability to tolerate their substance of choice severely diminished, the results can prove fatal.

In Alaska, where heroin ranks among the most commonly used substances according to the 2016 annual drug report, this danger increases dramatically. One of the major causes of heroin overdose death is respiratory depression. At lower temperatures, the body already works harder to maintain normal oxygen flow. Since many people relapse in secret for fear of being discovered or of jeopardizing a friend’s sobriety, heroin relapse in Alaska often occurs in solitude. No one is around to call the paramedics in the event of complication, and the chances of surviving an overdose will decrease as a result.

To be certain, the need for Alaska relapse prevention applies to more than heroin users alone. Imagine a low-tolerance alcoholic taking the wheel on icy roads, or a newly relapsed meth user falling into freezing waters—something that has happened before, as noted by a 2017 health bulletin on methamphetamine. With overdose rates already on the rise, Alaska addiction treatment centers must provide strong focus on long-term recovery in order to mitigate such risks.

Preventing Relapse in Alaska

Alaska relapse recovery is necessary, but also achievable. Many Alaska addiction treatment programs increase their clients’ long-term success rates by showing them how to better enjoy their lifestyle when sober. This may include life skills education, motivational and goal-oriented sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy, and multiple forms of holistic therapy that include experiential outings such as hikes and other outdoor activities.

With both a sense of purpose and the knowledge that fun in sobriety is possible, addiction treatment in Alaska provides a sense of well-being that will stay with clients as long as they continue practicing gratitude for their recovery. Unfortunately, the one thing that Alaska addiction treatment centers cannot provide their Alaskan clients is distance from old connections. Former drug dealers, drinking establishments and emotional triggers will be right where they were when the client entered treatment.

Many Alaska addiction treatment programs help their patients build defenses against these triggers by offering aftercare and alumni programs that provide ongoing support. Staying involved with your treatment community after leaving treatment can help greatly by providing a strong support network that you can contact easily whenever the need arises.

For those with long histories of addiction, however, even the best Alaska relapse prevention programs may not cut it. Such individuals may wish to seek help in another state such as Washington or California, where you will encounter fewer reminders of the life that brought you to treatment.

Relapse Help for Alaska Addicts

Aspire Health Network offers the same benefits as Alaska addiction treatment and more. Those who worry that preventing relapse in Alaska may prove difficult due to various triggers and troublesome memories will find Aspire Treatment Center in California to be a welcome solution. With a complete change of climate, strong support network and some of the leading clinicians in the field of addiction treatment on your side, relapse prevention will feel ten times less burdensome.

The staff at our facilities understand the complexities of substance use disorder, including the role that a person’s home environment can play in the formation and prolonging of addiction. We individualize every treatment plan to account for these details. A client from Oregon and a patient seeking Alaska relapse recovery will not receive the exact same plan.

We recommend that our clients stay among their treatment community after their initial stages of recovery, but we also prepare them to return home if they so desire. In these cases, our understanding of each state’s unique struggles with drugs and alcohol becomes especially vital. Alaska relapse prevention requires treatment by professionals who understand that every state has its own personality, which affects the role that addictive substances play in a person’s life.

No other out-of-state facility offers the same focus on Alaska addiction treatment that we provide. We know how to help you not only face your addiction, but overcome it to achieve long-term sobriety. If you are seeking Alaska relapse prevention, or simply considering your options for out-of-state care, contact Aspire for more information.

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