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Alaska Detox and Withdrawal Treatment

Most Alaska addiction treatment programs offer multiple levels of care. The first stage in a full treatment continuum is usually medical detox. Not all addicts or alcoholics in the state will need Alaska detox, but those at risk of strong withdrawal symptoms should strongly consider it. Alaska detox and withdrawal treatment not only makes the entire process of addiction treatment more comfortable, but even saves lives in many particularly severe cases.

Alaska Withdrawal Dangers

Those who have only ever suffered mild withdrawal often feel they can detox on their own; however, there are many good reasons for seeking withdrawal help in Alaska. A number of the patients who enter Alaska addiction treatment centers still suffer from cramps, headaches, depression, anxiety, irritability and other symptoms associated with detoxification from drugs and alcohol. Alaska detox and withdrawal treatment can help.

Certain substances worsen these symptoms. For instance, alcohol withdrawal in Alaska can prove incredibly dangerous, especially during the winter months. Alcohol lowers the drinker’s body temperature, and withdrawal often results in tremors. Those who enter Alaska detox can receive approved medications to quell these symptoms. Furthermore, continuous patient supervision ensures that those who suffer complications can receive help before things get any worse.

As for heroin withdrawal, Alaska proves dangerous for similar reasons. Lower temperatures make it more difficult to breathe properly. On top of this, the symptoms of heroin withdrawal include respiratory depression. Alaska addiction treatment centers sometimes receive heroin addicts who skipped detox, only to begin suffering life-threatening respiratory symptoms after walking through the doors. Those who enter an Alaska detox facility before receiving inpatient services can begin their heroin addiction treatment on the proper footing, without an emergency trip to the hospital in their first days.

The severity of withdrawal symptoms can vary depending upon the substance, amount, and frequency of use. Do not wait for withdrawal to kick in before seeking an Alaska detox facility. Alaska already suffered a massive increase in overdose deaths between 2010 and 2016 according to a health bulletin published at the end of that time span. Do not allow detox to become the next life-threatening symptom of Alaska addiction.

Withdrawal Treatment in Alaska

According to a 2017 economic report, alcoholism costs Alaska $182 million in health care per year while another $134 million in health care goes toward drug-related medical expenses. Much of this cost could be prevented if more would seek Alaska detox and withdrawal treatment before their symptoms require intensive medical care. Alaska addiction treatment centers do what they can, but they cannot help those who do not seek their assistance.

Not only do Alaska withdrawal cases run high risks due to environmental factors and the prevalence of drugs with particularly dangerous detox symptoms, but Alaska addiction treatment centers sometimes have long wait lists that keep patients from receiving help when they need it. They can turn to hospitals for help, but this results in many addicts and alcoholics neglecting to seek further treatment upon discharge. Alaska addiction treatment offers multiple levels of care, and the later stages are integral to ensuring long-term sobriety. While Alaska detox is still important, this should not be the last stage in any addict’s care.

Alaska addiction treatment centers help begin the overall treatment process during the detox stage by providing limited access to other services. Those in the throes of withdrawal may not benefit as much from cognitive behavioral therapy and other therapeutic interventions as someone who is more lucid; however, they will still get enough benefit from these services to see the value in continuing once their withdrawal treatment is complete. For this reason, as well as others discussed above, Alaska detox patients are better off seeking help at an Alaska addiction treatment center rather than a general hospital.

Quality Detox and Withdrawal Treatment

Withdrawal help in Alaska may not be impossible to find, but Alaska addiction treatment centers that offer medical detox programs are less common than similar facilities in other states. Combined with high intake rates and resultant wait lists, some addicts and alcoholics find it better to eschew Alaska detox in favor of other options.

One such option is First Choice Detox in California. Like all facilities run by Aspire Health Network, First Choice cares for all patient needs. Both physical and mental withdrawal symptoms will be treated with the same high level of care as anyone could hope to find in the best Alaska addiction treatment centers. Once symptoms begin to pass, patients will continue along a personalized treatment plan that includes further services if desired.

Numerous Alaska-based addicts and alcoholics have turned to facilities in California and Washington for their high success rates. If you wish to enter treatment in a facility that will keep you safe while providing the best medical treatment in the nation, contact Aspire today for more information on our detox and withdrawal treatment services.