Elderly man staring out of a rustic wooden window in an old rural barn or house with a thoughtful serious expression about entering Alaska alcohol and drug rehab

Am I Too Old for Rehab?

Some addicts and alcoholics engage in substance use for years before coming to the conclusion that they need help. Unfortunately, many feel by this point that they cannot recover. After multiple attempts to stop using on their own, they convince themselves that their problem is simply insurmountable. This is sometimes especially true of older substance users, who feel that they had their chance to enter Alaska alcohol and drug rehab in earlier years yet allowed the chance to pass them by.

There is always a chance of recovery. No matter how advanced in years a user may become, alcohol and drug rehab can still help them live out the rest of their days in substance-free serenity. In fact, those in need of drug and alcohol rehab may find that entering in their later years can help them overcome a number of struggles unique to those in their age group.

Consequences of Addiction at a Later Age

Everyone who suffers from substance use disorder experiences consequences in one form or another. Those of advanced age, however, may be more prone to certain forms of suffering. According to the National Institute on Aging, those who use alcohol at later ages can find themselves at increased risk of liver damage, immune system disorders and certain forms of cancer. They may also suffer brain damage that can cause symptoms often confused with Alzheimer’s disease.

Any addictive substance can cause these symptoms and more. By the time they realize the need to enter Alaska alcohol and drug rehab, many older patients find that the symptoms of pre-existing conditions have worsened. Health defects caused by stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis will become more severe. Some patients may also suffer falls and other injuries while under the influence of mind-altering substances. In some cases, they may suffer heart attacks.

By entering drug and alcohol rehab, especially at the medical detox level, older addicts and alcoholics can begin treating these symptoms immediately. Due to the prevalence of prescription drug addiction among the elderly, detox may also be necessary to treat severe withdrawal symptoms. Despite the urgent need to treat these symptoms, however, many will still convince themselves that they are too old for Alaska alcohol and drug rehab. It would benefit such individuals to learn more about the advantages of entering drug and alcohol rehab at a later age, as these benefits extend far beyond the treatment of physical ailments.

Are You Too Old for Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

There may be more seniors in need of Alaska drug and alcohol rehab than many experts realize. A 2014 study compared rates of substance use disorder among various age groups and determined that substance abuse in senior citizens has likely been underdiagnosed for decades. Alcohol and prescription drugs are among the most commonly used substances by older Americans in need of Alaska alcohol and drug rehab, but the study also found that the United States has a larger population of older adults who use illicit substances than any other nation worldwide.

Several factors may account for this. First and foremost, older adults are likelier to suffer from physical ailments as discussed above. The resultant suffering of chronic pain and discomfort often leads to self-medicating. Additionally, those of advanced age have more life experience, which means they are more likely to have encountered some form of trauma in their lifetime. Many addicts and alcoholics use their substance of choice to escape from emotional disturbance, and older users are no exception.

Drug and alcohol rehab can help patients overcome these underlying causes. Not only will a facility with a strong medical staff help patients deal with physical issues, but the clinical team can provide relief from mental and emotional issues as well. Patients can receive trauma therapy and other necessary forms of therapeutic support to overcome issues that the user may have repressed or simply ignored while in active addiction. Not only should nobody consider themselves too old for Alaska alcohol and drug rehab, but those who perceive themselves as beyond help might benefit more than anyone else from receiving professional services.

Alaska Alcohol and Drug Rehab for All Ages

Aspire Health Network provides individualized treatment that identifies and accounts for the underlying causes of substance use disorder. Those who worry about being too old for alcohol and drug rehab will find that our facilities can offer the help they need to treat both physical ailments and emotional concerns. Furthermore, our dual diagnosis rehab facilities will help those with co-occurring disorders—whether related or unrelated to their age—achieve long-lasting recovery from all mental health issues.

One of our best alcohol and drug rehab facilities for alcoholics and addicts of advanced age is Aspire Alaska. Patients will find that the sheer sense of luxury and comfort provided at Aspire helps to facilitate an easier transition into the sober lifestyle. They will receive comprehensive care at all levels from detox to aftercare while enjoying the beautiful Alaska scenery and participating in outside activities that allow them to pursue a more active lifestyle.

Patients at our facilities do not just learn that they are not too old for Alaska alcohol and drug rehab. They learn that they are not too old to achieve just about any way of life that makes them truly happy. If you or someone you love is in need of positive change and an escape from the bonds of addiction, contact Aspire today for more information on our program of recovery.